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European Documentation Centre at Leeds Met

Leeds Metropolitan University hosts a European Documentation Centre (EDC) -- an official information relay of the European Commission (EC) forming part of the Europe Direct network. European Documentation Centres were established by the EC to encourage and develop the study of European integration and co-operation. EDCs provide access to European Union (EU) documentation for the academic community, especially students and researchers at the universities in which they are based, as well as for the general public. There are currently over 40 EDCs in the UK.


Opening Hours

The EDC at Leeds Metropolitan University is open 24/7.


The EDC is on the second floor of the Sheila Silver Library, City Campus. Help in using the collection is available from specialist staff in the Library European and Off-Campus Services (LEOS) office in room 208 during normal office hours. They can also be contacted on 0113 812 3126, or email:

Members of the public are welcome to use the EDC for reference and study. Please ask in the LEOS office or at the Help and Information Point on the Ground Floor if you wish to use any of the CD-ROMs or European databases.

EDC Collection

The EDC collection includes official publications, legislation, reports, statistics, newsletters and journals. Many of the official publications within the EDC collection are not on the Library Catalogue, but printed guides on using the collection are available from the EDC display stands and also electronically.  Anyone researching a subject related to the European Union is therefore advised to consult staff in advance as above.

European Official Publications

(For reference use only)

EU publications are arranged according to the institution that published the material, i.e. European Parliament, Council, Commission, etc. Within each institutional area, the stock is arranged by subject. It is therefore possible to find material on a particular subject from more than one area. A schedule detailing where to locate material is available from the EDC display stands.

EDC Journals

(For reference use only)

Journals on European issues are arranged alphabetically by title. All EDC journals are listed on the Library Catalogue.

Information is also available on CD-ROM, including the Official Journal, Eurostat and European Parliament Debates. These can be accessed from the EDC Workstation and are included in the Library Catalogue.

The EDC Workstation is situated on the second floor of the Library. Go past the Open Access PC Area, past the AV stock, past the European Documentation collection on your right and you will see a black PC on the right hand wall, just before the Law collection.

The CD-Roms are available from the CD-ROM cabinet next to the Workstation. Please return them there once you have finished consulting them. If you need any help with their use, please refer to staff in the LEOS office in Room 208.